Who Am I ?

I’m a qualified Medical Doctor,Consultant in Energy Medicine, Autism Expert, a Reputed Gifted Natural Healer and Author of the E-Book –  ‘How to Heal Autism and ADHD IN 30 Days:The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing (TM)’,  Pioneer of the Ground-Breaking method of Intent Healing(TM),  an Entrepreneur, A Radio Show Host an Country Contact for IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences) in India.

A healing miracle chanelled by me , and verified by Medical Doctors was telecast on CNN-IBN and can be viewed here :
Have presented a paper at an international conference on Holistic Enhancement of Learning Potential (HELP),the title of the paper being :
Intent Healing : Breaking New Grounds In Healing Autism, ADD,ADHD and LD – Presenting the Science and Application of Extended Human Capacities
Skills : Remote Healing, Remote Sensing, Energy based Profile Assessment and Report, Expert in Healing Autism and ADHD