Overview Of Autism Healing

Healing Autism and ADHD Applying Intent Healing(TM)

These Are The Steps To The Healing Process :


Reading my E-Book : 'How to Heal Autism And ADHD In 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough Of Intent Healing(TM)'

Reading the book BY ITSELF has helped many see the limiting symptoms disappear in Autism and ADHD.

The book can be ordered through my website www.sowjanya.in and the proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Heal Autism Now Foundation.


Chakras Based Energy Assessment and Report of the parents and the child/individual with Autism and ADHD.

The energies of each person will be assessed over two days and nights and reports given.

This will help in understanding the core issues in both parents that is causing the energy disturbance in the parents and in the person with Autism and/or ADHD.


Individual healing sessions with each parent and then individual sessions for the child/individual with Autism and/or ADHD.

These sessions are of two types : Timed Remote Healing Sessions and Healing Sessions over Skype involving chanelling of Intent Healing Energies by me.

Results :

1) Both the parents and the child/individual with Autism/ADHD get healed in the process.

2) Improvements in symptoms can be seen right from the first healing session. Eventually all the limiting symptoms as listed by each family in the initial 'List of complaints' disappear.

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