Enlightened Entrepreneurship (TM)
Stop Striving.Start Thriving

Enlightened Entrepreneurship Program helps Entrepreneurs Thrive in Authentic Abundance by Aligning their Energies, Clarifying their Deepest Intentions and Desires and Embodying their True Power While Impacting the World Positively with Joy.

Process :

1)Energy Assessments and Reports :

  1. Energy Assessments and Reports of the main people involved in running the business .
  2. Energy Assessments and Report of the Energy Flow and Energy Pattern in the Office/Working spaces
2) Energy Clearing and Re-Alignment of the energies of the main people operating the business.

3) Energy Clearing and Re-Alignment of the energies for the office/work space.

Enlightened Entrepreneurship Workshop with Entrepreneurs from Africa at VIT Sponsored by the UN




Live Healing Demonstrated On A Participant